Practical Information

We recommend the following accommodations in Augsburg:

Hotel Augusta
Ludwigstraße 2
86152 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 111,00 EUR

Hotel am alten Park
Frölichstraße 17
86150 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 93,00 EUR

Hotel am Rathaus
Am Hinteren Perlachberg 1
86150 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 79,00 EUR

Dom Hotel Augsburg
Frauentorstraße 8
86152 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 78,00 EUR

Ibis Hotel Augsburg Hauptbahnhof
Halderstraße 25
86150 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 75,00 EUR

IntercityHotel Augsburg
Halderstraße 29
86150 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 72,00 EUR

Privathotel Riegele
Viktoriastraße 4
86150 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 72,00 EUR

B&B Hotel Augsburg
Haunstetter Straße 68
86161 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 58,00 EUR

Grandhotel Cosmopolis
Springergässchen 5
86152 Augsburg
€ Price per night: from 40,00 EUR



Directions to the University of Augsburg

By car

Motorway (Autobahn) A8 Munich – Stuttgart (from theeast, west, and north)

From the A8 motorway, take the exit Augsburg-West. Turn onto the B17 highway in the direction of Landsberg. It takes approx. 10-15 minutes to the exit „Messe/Universität“. Exit there, then turn right at the first set oftraffic lights. You are now at the north-western corner of the campus – please refer to the campus map for a convenient parking lot near your destination oncampus (turn left immediately for the northern half, continue straight aheadfor the southern half).

Highway (Bundesstraße) B17 Landsberg – Augsburg (fromthe south)

From thedirection of Landsberg, take the exit „Messe/Universität“, then turnright at the first set of traffic lights. You are now at the north-westerncorner of the campus – please refer to the campus map for a convenient parkinglot near your destination.

 By airplane

 Munich International Airport (MUC) is the second largest in Germany and is very wellconnected to the rest of the world. From there, Augsburg can be reached by(rental) car, by train, or by airport shuttle services. By train, take S1 or S8suburban trains (S-Bahn) to Munich Central station (Hauptbahnhof).From there, take a main line train to Augsburg Central (see section “by train”above). By car, take the A92 motorway (the only one there is) and follow thesigns to Augsburg or Stuttgart. You will be led onto the A99 motorway and laterthe A8 motorway towards Stuttgart. Take the exit “Augsburg West” and follow theB17 highway towards Landsberg to the “Messe/Universität” exit (see section “bycar” above). The drive is at least 1 hour (depending on traffic); the traintakes 1.5 to 2 hours.

By rail

Augsburg is very well connected to the German and European rail networks. A wide variety of local, regional, national and international trains call at Augsburg Central station (Augsburg Hauptbahnhof). In particular, Augsburg is just a 40-minute ride from Munich Central station (München Hauptbahnhof) with trains running at least every half-hour during the day. Please refer to the web site of Deutsche Bahn ( for schedules and fares to Augsburg. From Augsburg Central, you can easily reach the university campus by tram (see next section).

Should you arrive from Munich on a regional train (RE; Regionalexpress), you can also get off at “Augsburg Haunstetterstraße”, which is one stop ahead of Augsburg Central. From there, you can catch the Line 3 tram (see section below) very conveniently, since it stops right at the foot of the platforms in the underpass.

 By tram (from Augsburg Central rail station or the downtown core)

From Augsburg Central station or from the main tram hub, Königsplatz, take the Line 3 tram towards “Haunstetten West”. Trams run every 5 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes in the evening or on weekends. At Augsburg Central station, the tram stop is across the square outside the main building, to the left hand side. From Augsburg Central, it takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the campus at “Universität”.

From Haunstetterstraße station, the tram takes only about 10 minutes to “Universität”.

All schedules can be obtained from:

Please note: There is also a university of applied sciences in Augsburg, which comes first on the tram route. You need to go on to “Universität” to reach us. There are English-language announcements on the tram, however.

A single ticket (Einzelfahrschein) can be obtained from the driver. There are also vending machines on the platforms, selling all kinds of tickets in several languages. You need a ticket that is valid for fare zones 10 and 20 to go to the university.

Please remember to validate your ticket at a validator (orange or white boxes inside the tram) when you get on the tram (even tickets bought from the driver need to be validated).


Getting to the University:

Campus Map:

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