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Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 17:00-19:00: Public Keynote, Augustanasaal im Annahof
Gabriele Winker, TU Hamburg

The public keynote is co-sponsored by the Center of Interdisciplinary Health Research of the University of Augsburg.

Zerstörung des Sozialen – Care Revolution als Antwort

Viele Menschen geraten an die Grenzen ihrer Kräfte, wenn sie versuchen, neben den hohen Anforderungen der Erwerbsarbeit angemessen für sich und andere zu sorgen. Was häufig als individuelles Versagen wahrgenommen wird, ist die Folge politischer und wirtschaftlicher Entscheidungen. In der Konsequenz werden gelingende Sorgebeziehungen erschwert und die gesellschaftlichen Voraussetzungen für solidarisches Handeln untergraben. Vor diesem Hintergrund plädiere ich für einen grundlegenden Perspektivwechsel. In der Strategie der Care Revolution stehen nicht Profitmaximierung und Kostensenkung, sondern menschliche Bedürfnisse und insbesondere die Sorge umeinander im Zentrum.

The endangering of social relations – Care Revolution as a countermeasure

Many people are exhausted by trying to care adequately for themselves and for other persons in addition to their professional workload. This is often regarded as an individual failure. In reality, however, it is the result of political and economic decisions. Consequently, successful relations of care are made more difficult and the societal preconditions for acts of solidarity are impeded. On this basis, I plead for a fundamental change of perspectives. Care Revolution centres on human needs and, especially, the care for each other instead of the maximization of profits and the reduction of costs.


Thursday, March 14, 2019, 09:00 – 10:00

Fiona Robinson, Carleton University

Why are Caring Societies so elusive? Reconciling answers from political economy and moral psychology

Abstract: For many decades, feminist ethicists and political theorists have been developing a rich body of knowledge on the ‘ethics of care’ as an alternative to the dominant, rationalist and masculinist approaches to morality and politics.  Building on this theoretical foundation, feminist scholars in social policy, economics, geography and social work have sought to develop strategies for the development of more caring societies.  And yet, despite these efforts, caring societies remain elusive.  This paper will address two prominent explanations for the so-called ‘crisis of care’:  the critique of (neoliberal, financialized) capitalism by Nancy Fraser; and the moral-psychological critique of patriarchy by Carol Gilligan.  I will argue that, despite the apparent distance between the material/structural and psychological/agential approaches, they can be reconciled by approaching the problem through a robust understanding of power.  I will employ the concept of governmentality to elucidate the relationship between these approaches, as well as gesturing towards the possibilities for resistance and realization of more caring societies in the face of both neoliberalism and the rise of right-wing populism.

Friday, March 15, 14:15-15:15: Final Keynote

Mascha Madörin, Switzerland CANCELLED!

The future of care work – some thoughts from a macroeconomic point of view

Abstract: After having increased labour productivity for decades, it is still possible in this day and age to manufacture cars even faster. However, when it comes to work like cleaning a house, getting a hair cut, nursing, talking, driving and raising children etc.  the limits of speeding up become well apparent. This is clear to everyone, but in economics or economic policy programs, whatever theoretical tradition, this reality is not or rarely even considered. What should be considered if we want to include social provisioning as part of the current economic dynamic?


Thursday, March 14, afternoon


Foto: Grand Beauty Salon

We do care – The Grand Beauty Salon at the Blurring Boundaries Conference:

»Grand Beauty Salon / on Tour« is an intercultural beauty salon where care experts with and without migration biography perform together. Based on beauty, care, and wellness practices we give insight in the practioneers side of the work and facilitate exchange beyond common concepts of service work. The more you open up in our salon, share what moves you and what you are in need for, the more you can create memories that last longer than the single experience.

More info (German only)




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